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Mouse Jiggler

Working from home is more important than ever – but do we really need to work as hard as we would at our jobs?

The simple answer: Absolutely not.

PauzMauz will change the way you "work".

Pauz Mauz acts and behaves like a normal mouse – simply plug it in and you’re ready to ‘work’.

  • To Start: plug in the mouse jiggler
  • To Activate: press the button and the cursor will begin moving left to right, right to left, and so on.
  • To Pause: press it again.

This Weird New Mouse Jiggler Lets You Take More Breaks Than Your Company's Worst Chain Smoker*

We know you are responsible…
That's why we believe Pauz Mauz will be right up your alley. Because whether you know it or not, bowing to the will of your "corporate masters" can be extremely irresponsible.
Take this "quiz" to find out…

Pauz Mauz Is The Only Responsible Choice To Treat This Condition

✓ The highest quality, durability, and functionality of any device on the market

✓ Effortless On/Off Switch control

Bypasses IT firewalls by plugging directly into your USB port

✓ Works parallel to your regular mouse,so you don't have to unplug it

✓ Tricks any and all "activity monitoring" software, from screensavers to MS teams, and beyond!

Think about it

If Pauz Mauz buys you back 1 hour of free time per day, then it can easily be worth hundreds of dollars to you each and every month! And it can easily buy your back 3, 4, 5, or even 6 hours a day!

The Only Thing You Have To Lose Is More Of Your Precious Time

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Claudia N.
Nicht ständig neu anmelden

Bin super zufrieden mit der Pauz Mauz. Mir ist vor allem wichtig, mich nicht ständig wieder anmelden zu müssen. Account sperrt sich nach 10 min. Ist wahnsinnig nervig. Dank Mauz ist jetzt alles im grünen Bereich.

Pat S.
Diese Maus lässt sich garantiert nicht fangen

Anschliessen, auf den Knopf drücken und deine Maus entwischt jeder Kontrollkatze. Es ist kinderleicht, die Pauz Mauz zu bedienen, was mich an diesem Homeoffice-Gadget besonders überzeugt hat. Um weiterzuarbeiten und den Mauszeiger zu stoppen, einfach erneut auf den Knopf drücken. Die Pauz Mauz muss nicht jedes Mal ausgesteckt werden.

Monika Bieszczad
Game changer

Due to pandemic I need to work from office quite often. I hated it when my computer logged off each time i went to a toilet or took a lunch or coffee break. Not to mention countless of times I forgot my login password :-/ Pauzmauz is a real game changer - now my computer is always awake! Thank you pauzmauz inventors well done

Brendan Heecher
Easy to use straight out of the box

I have recently started working from home and there are times when I would like a little extra break time or relax from the computer but until now I was paranoid about my management watching my laptop go into away or sleep mode.

Jack Lorino
Works great

I bought it for my wife who typically finishes her work related tasks early and has to keep moving the mouse every 10 min until she does her work hours.

She just plugs this in and uses the additional 'free' time to take care of the children.

Happy to hear that you did put it to good use.


A mouse jiggler keeps your online status 'active' by simulating mouse movement while you use your additional free time 'wisely' 😉!

Relax! This little device is just another generic USB mouse for your computer; it doesn't require any additional software to install. All this to say: Yes, PauzMauz is uber safe! Vetted by professor Mauz himself!

When the mouse mover is active, the light is blinking.

Nope. All you need to do is to plug it into the USB port and let it jiggle your way to freedom!


Yes, it will work on Windows 1,2, 7,XP, etc.… as long as our dear mouses are around.

Yep, it can work along with any type of mouse known to mankind: wired, wireless, and even Bluetooth! Keep in mind that this mouse mover is simply another mouse for your computer system.

No software or driver install is required; just plug it in and let it wiggle the mouse for you!

This cute little gadget can deal with all platforms: Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Can you believe it!

If your mac has no usb port or only usb c port you need to get a usb c to usb adapter for pauzmauz to work.

Your computer has to be able to detect and use USB devices. If it does, PauzMauz will work just as fine. In fact, for your computer, it's just another generic USB mouse. PauzMauz will not work if the USB port has been somehow disabled.

Is it detectable?

You don't want to retype that pesky password every time you step away for a few seconds from your laptop. The corporate password security levels are typically high, and therefore, every password is along chain with capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

With PauzMauz, there's no need to keep typing that unusual, sophisticated password. Just push the mouse jiggler button and take a break. Your laptop will still be awake when you come back from your coffee break or nap 😊.

For your computer, PauzMauz is simply another generic USB mouse. No driver or software install is needed. Simply plug, play, and enjoy your well-deserved break!

No need to plug and unplug over and over again until you break your USB port. We know how precious is your mouse jiggler to you. You can enjoy your break simply by following these steps:

Step 1: Push the button to activate the jiggler, and the mouse cursor will move side to side.

Step 2: Take a break.

Step 3: Push the button to pause the jiggler and resume your 'fulfilling' corporate life ;)


PauzMauz is your official jiggling assistant. As long as it's plugged in and it's jiggling, it will keep your laptop logged in and your status 'Active,' though it's wiser to change your status to 'Busy' for better peace of mind. Now you can use your new-found freedom to look after the kids, learn a new skill, or simply take a break.

Relax. PauzMauz got your back!

If you work for a big brother corporation that monitors your every click, then you can't install just any software on your corporate laptop.

PauzMauz is a simple, undetectable, plug-and-play device with no risk of inadvertently installing a malware from unknown software downloaded from the internet. Crisis averted!

For your corporate laptop, the IT security folks have probably set your computer to time out after a set period of time if there isn't any activity on the computer. PauzMauz will jiggle the mouse to make it appear that you are actively working on the laptop to keep it from timing out.