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Who Says You Can't Take A Break?

USB Freedom, Here You Come

Plug & Play

Works right out of the hilarious gift box. After you plug it in, you get to play (or take a nap, or read that book…) – after all, you are working from home, right?

So make yourself at home.

Bypasses IT

Pauz Mauz is not software – by design. Because you know you can't download and install software without IT approval. Pauz Mauz plugs directly into your USB.

Crisis averted.

On/Off Switch

Operating your Pauz Mauz is simple because you don't have to unplug your regular mouse. Simply flip the switch "on" when you want to take a break, and "off" when you're using it.


Claim Back Lost Hours

With Pauz Mauz, you can easily gain back unproductive hours of your day that can use to make yourself (and your life) better.

Thanks Mauz!

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