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Mouse Jiggler
Claudia N.
Nicht ständig neu anmelden

Bin super zufrieden mit der Pauz Mauz. Mir ist vor allem wichtig, mich nicht ständig wieder anmelden zu müssen. Account sperrt sich nach 10 min. Ist wahnsinnig nervig. Dank Mauz ist jetzt alles im grünen Bereich.

Mouse Jiggler
Pat S.
Diese Maus lässt sich garantiert nicht fangen

Anschliessen, auf den Knopf drücken und deine Maus entwischt jeder Kontrollkatze. Es ist kinderleicht, die Pauz Mauz zu bedienen, was mich an diesem Homeoffice-Gadget besonders überzeugt hat. Um weiterzuarbeiten und den Mauszeiger zu stoppen, einfach erneut auf den Knopf drücken. Die Pauz Mauz muss nicht jedes Mal ausgesteckt werden.

Mouse Jiggler
Bieszczad M.
Game changer

Due to pandemic I need to work from office quite often. I hated it when my computer logged off each time i went to a toilet or took a lunch or coffee break. Not to mention countless of times I forgot my login password :-/ Pauzmauz is a real game changer - now my computer is always awake! Thank you pauzmauz inventors well done

Mouse Jiggler
Brendan H.
Easy to use straight out of the box

I have recently started working from home and there are times when I would like a little extra break time or relax from the computer but until now I was paranoid about my management watching my laptop go into away or sleep mode.

Mouse Jiggler
Jack L.
Works great

I bought it for my wife who typically finishes her work related tasks early and has to keep moving the mouse every 10 min until she does her work hours.

She just plugs this in and uses the additional 'free' time to take care of the children.

Happy to hear that you did put it to good use.

Mouse Jiggler
Simon B.
Just plug and play.

No more logging 200 times a day because of the pc timing out.

The light flashes to let you know when it is active.

Mouse Jiggler
Will W.
Nondetectable and works perfectly

I am not a very tech-savvy person but it is simple to hook up & get it going.
Works perfectly with my Bluetooth mouse.

Mouse Jiggler
Marcelo D.

The IT Department has my laptop locked so that as soon as i step away from the computer that little green light on Lync or Skype goes yellow.

If you want to keep that green light on to keep management happy you won't be disappointed...and you'll enjoy a little more freedom

Mouse Jiggler
Pedro M.
Funciona muy bien

No hay que configurar nada. Se conecta al puerto usb y se aprieta el boton. El raton va de un lado al otro de la pantalla y así esta nunca se bloquea.
Sencillo pero efectivo.

Mouse Jiggler
James M.
Keeps me out of trouble

I work for a company that has intense confidentiality and security and the laptop will lockdown every 12 minutes.

I am just so glad I bought this, it allows me to do other things without having to stress about lockdowns.

Mouse Jiggler
Anastasia F.
Just what i needed

My company uses skype for business and this mouse jiggler works for me.

At lunch time I try to cook a healthy meal, and this device helps me out, no need to go back and forth to the kitchen to keep my laptop from locking out.

I recommend it.

Mouse Jiggler
Gaston R.
Pauzmauz saved my sanity.

Like many others, my boss watches my status:available, away, how long inactive. "Big Brother" is a real thing!
My laptop also goes to sleep after 5 minutes and requires two factor authentications to log back in, which is very annoying. Problem solved! With this device I'm always active and my computer stays online. I did plug this device in independently of my laptop just in case anyone in IT could notice. Works great.

Very happy with it so far!

Mouse Jiggler
Rorbert C.
On/off switch

My better half bought a similar device lately but she had to unplug it to switch it off.

With this one you simply push the button and this thing moves your mouse left and right, press it again and you get your control back on the mouse.

Mouse Jiggler
Stewart H.
Works like a charm

Just If you have a stupid boss who counts the hours you spend at the computer, not the result, then I highly recommend

The mouse connects via USB, turns on the button and the mouse cursor moves back and forth, without letting it go, maintaining your activity on the network. Meantime, you can do your own business quietly. Thank you !

Thanks for your review

Mouse Jiggler
Steven B.
Best money ive spent!

A simple mouse jiggler that works fine for me: I just want my stupid work laptop to stop locking the screen. (no, I cannot change the settings that is controlled by GPO.)
The mouse cursor moves horizontally on the screen all the way to one side, then to the other. You switch the jiggler on by pressing the button, off by pressing it again.

Mouse Jiggler
Erin Z.

The button makes it uncomplicated to use, no plugging and unplugging that might damage the device.

Ideal to remain 'active' in ms teams, however ms teams windows needs to remain open while you are away to be able to stay in active status.

Mouse Jiggler
Victor W.
Great idea for remote workers

Ever since I've worked from home. My biggest complaint was how my computer logging me out of the virtual network after 5 mins of inactivity. So if I need to step away from my computer, it would log me out. Logging back in is a pain as I need to do multiple layers of authentication. I didn't want to use a software, and I can't change the settings on my computer so after I did some research I came across this device. First impressions it is great build quality. Easy to use And no one will know I use a mouse jiggler. Been using it for a day now. Saves time, keeps me logged in.

Mouse Jiggler
Bobby A.
Does not work on ubuntu

It was not detected by Ubuntu so I had to send it back with no issue.

Sorry for this inconvenience your refund is already processed.

Mouse Jiggler
Patrizia A.
I almost never write a review - I just had to here, though.

Since the pandemic had started, I've had to work from home. This calls for a lot of in-home distractions because all of a sudden everyone needs you to do something else besides work. My computer times out after 5 minutes. This little gadget that plugs into my laptop has been a lifesaver so that my computer does not go to sleep. I can get up, move around, go wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum, and everyone that has eyes on my GREEN status at work thinks I'm working (there's an LOL in there). Thank you pauzmauz!

Mouse Jiggler
Jared T.
Makes you look "active"

Awesome gadget for home office. Plug and play on a windows PC, it moves the mouse cursor around so it looks like you’re always active to people at work who use Ms teams.

I can leave my desk for hours, and nobody knows!

I Highly recommend!!

Mouse Jiggler
Bruce U.
Great! Works as expected.

Product works as described. When plugged in the computer recognized it without having to install any additional drivers. When the button on the jiggler is pressed, the mouse pointer constantly moves left and right in a straight line.